Young carers

The young carers service supports young people aged under 18 who are helping to look after someone at home. You might be helping look after a brother or sister, parent or grandparent with an illness, disability, mental health problem or a problem with alcohol/ drugs.

What does the young carers service offer?

LAFFS – Laughs, advice, fun, friendship and support groups

These are our youth clubs, just for young carers. We split everyone up so young carers are in groups with others who are the same age. At LAFFS we play games, make things, bake things, sit around and relax, and just have some fun!


We have lots of trips and events for young carers to come on. They are usually in the school holidays but can sometimes be on evenings or weekends. The events are a chance for young carers to have a break from their caring role, meet some other new young carers and to try out new things and places.

Please contact us for information about young carer events.


We offer 1:1 support to those young carers who are going through an especially tough time with their caring role. It’s a chance to talk through any problems you have and find ways of making things better. It usually involves a cup of tea.

School Drop-in’s

We hold lunch time drop in sessions at some schools. It’s a chance to catch up with staff and the other young carers at your school. If you are a school who would like to hold a drop in, please contact us.

Discount Card

When you register with us as a young carer you will get a discount card.

Carers Emergency Card

If you support someone who is over 18 you may also be able to get a Carers Emergency Card


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