Advice for employers

Many carers give up work because the problem of juggling their work and caring responsibilities simply becomes too much.

Having a ‘carer friendly’ workplace for your employees can make a significant difference to retention and productivity, and help you get the best results for your organisation and staff.

We can offer help with:

  • Good practice for managing carers in your workforce
  • Support with developing ‘carer friendly’ policies
  • Training for your workforce/HR team
  • Methods to support carers in the workplace – for example drops-ins and Carer Champions
  • With our help and employment support pack you can become a quality marked Carer Friendly Employer.

See the attachments below for our Carer Friendly Employer information. 

If you are interested in finding out more or working with us, please contact us on 01904 715490 or


Online national support and advice for workplaces 

The national Employers for Carers online scheme helps employers with resources and support to retain and manage employees who also have caring responsibilities.

The site gives employers access to best practice guidance for supporting carers in the workforce, including a manager’s handbook, employer toolkits, e-learning modules about supporting carers and many other resources.

How to access Employers for Carers

City of York Council have signed up to the scheme on behalf of public sector and SME partners  (i.e. companies with less than 250 employees) in York.

Any employers (with less than 250 employees) can log on to the members area of the scheme website   and selecting ‘create new account’. This will be free of charge.

Employers will need to use  Membership Code #EFC6282





Supporting working carers: employee guide07/07/2017410.87 KB Download
Supporting working carers: employer guide07/07/2017583.82 KB Download
Employee case study07/07/2017407.62 KB Download
Carer Friendly Charter Application Form07/11/2017579.74 KB Download