Ask for a Carers Assessment of Need

Carers have a legal right to an assessment even if the person they care for refuses a community care assessment or services.

It is not an assessment of your ability as a carer, it is about your needs and how to make it easier for you to care.

  • No assumptions will be made as to whether you wish to continue to provide the amount and type of care that you have provided in the past.
  • The assessment will be as informal as possible.
  • You can complete a self assessment form, or you can have your assessment with a member of staff (in person or over the phone).
  • All assessment referrals come through York Carers Centre and are split between ourselves and  City of York Council depending on the complexity of the issues.
  • It will usually take place in your own home but can be in another convenient place if you prefer.
  • You can have the assessment with, or separate from, the person you care for.
  • A Carers Assessment of Need is free and confidential.

To request a Carers Assessment of Need please contact us on 01904 715490 or fill in and return the Registration Form below (Form B) to 

If you would rather do a self assessment, please use the Self Assessment form (Form A) below. There is a Self Assessment Guidance sheet to help.

Send completed forms to us at or by free post to Freepost NEA 9363, York Carers Centre, 17 Priory Street, York, YO1 6ET.


Carers Assessment of Need factsheet11/01/2018191.41 KB Download
Carers Self Assessment Form (Form A)07/07/201775.36 KB Download
Self Assessment Guidance18/07/2018202.33 KB Download
Registration and CAN referral Form (Form B)21/12/2017179.27 KB Download