Free nutrition sessions: Let’s Talk About Food

What we eat and how well we digest our food has a significant impact on our energy levels, mood, mental focus, behaviour and overall quality of life.

The more we know and the better we can interpret our body’s many signals, the sooner we can take appropriate steps to support our bodies in staying well.
With that in mind we’re delighted to be offering Let’s Talk About Food; four free sessions on nutrition for carers with nutritionist Sabine Horner from Asana Nutrition.

What will the sessions be like?
Each session is stand alone so you can join for just one, or for all four. Sessions will be informative, interactive, and will include opportunities to ask questions and experience some quick recipes through cooking demonstrations.

When are they and how do I book?
When: Mondays 2, 9, 16, 23 November from 10am to 12pm. Sessions will be on Zoom, if you need help setting up Zoom please let us know.

Booking: Contact us on or 01904 715 490. Once booked we’ll provide a secure zoom link to log in on the day.

What will we explore each week?:
Session 1 : We are what we can digest and absorb
It doesn’t matter what we eat; if we can’t digest it, we won’t be able to get all the vital nutrients from our food. Find out more about the main causes of poor digestion and leave with some simple tips and an action plan which you can implement straight away to improve your digestion.

Session 2: Meal Planning – getting more variety in our diet
Meal planning helps us to avoid simply grabbing the first available food which may not be what our body truly needs. This session is all about sharing strategies to overcome our challenges around meal planning, and share ideas on how we make our favourite recipes more nourishing and varied.

Session 3: Meal Planning – meal preparation and snacks
In this second meal planning session, we’ll explore smart meal preparation ideas that make it easy for us to rustle up a tasty and nourishing meal in no time as well as healthy ways to treat ourselves with energy and mood boosting snacks.

Session 4: Hunger, appetite and food cravings
We’ll explore the confusion around hunger, cravings for certain foods and how to combat these cravings. Find out what is behind our food cravings and why small changes are important to improve our relationship with food.