University of York: documentary opportunity for parent carers

Students in association with the University of York have been commissioned to shoot a short 20-minute documentary, which will look at the impact of being a parent carer for a profoundly disabled child.

We are looking for parent carers of profoundly disabled children with complex needs, parents who have had to severely adapt their lifestyle to meet the needs of the children they love.

Our crew consists of 6 people and will involve us filming in your house for a period of the shoot, as well as possible outings you may go on. We will be working closely with you and your family and will ensure you are comfortable with us before any shooting goes ahead. Should you be interested, we would aim to have several meetings and discussion with your family, before filming, so that both parties are happy with any plans.

Filming will be between January 22nd and February 16th 2018 and will consist of a minimum of 3 days, and a maximum of 6, your daily responsibilities should be unaffected by our filming. If you are interested then please email me (Maddie Scarlett, Producer) at:

Further Information:

Our Director, Roland, has been a young carer and has been part of the carers community his entire life. He proposed the film, as he is passionate about creating a platform for parent carers to share their experiences and journey with the wider world. We hope to increase public awareness across the country on the daily struggles that parent’s face and overcome through a positive but honest light.

We would like to follow a normal day in your household; giving insight into routines which to many will be difficult to comprehend. We would also like to conduct an interview with you, the parents, to learn about how your life has changed and how your outlook on the future has been affected.

The film will be about you, as the parent carer, and the journey you share with many others, those whose lives are changed by their unconditional love. To do this, we hope to have a poetic aspect that would amplify the emotions and themes of the film. This will involve clips of contrasting traditional ‘home-video’ and some exciting projection work!

During our research, we have been in contact with many national carer charities and organisations including Care for the Carers, The Carers Trust and Scope. We have been lucky enough for some of these charities to offer online platforms and support in distribution after completion, and we will be entering the documentary into various national film festivals, helping get the journey many parent carers face seen by the general public.

If this project sounds interesting to you, and you would like to support us in raising awareness for the challenges parent carers face and overcome, please contact our Producer, Maddie Scarlett at

We look forward to hearing from you!