Carers Information Pack

Welcome to York’s Carers Information Pack. The pack is given to all carers in York, usually when they register with York Carers Centre or have contact with City of York Council. The pack sections about:

You can download all the parts of the Carers Information Pack below.  This includes factsheets and leaflets.


Start Here factsheet14/05/2015332.1 KB Download
York Carers Centre factsheet12/05/2015327.86 KB Download
York Carers Centre leaflet11/09/2014747.42 KB Download
Carers Emergency Card Factsheet13/05/2015380.87 KB Download
Carers Emergency Card leaflet11/09/2014565.76 KB Download
Carers Assessment of Need25/03/2015185.79 KB Download
Benefits for unpaid carers factsheet11/06/2015187.87 KB Download
A-Z of useful services21/04/2016281.75 KB Download